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Jewelry Care

How to keep your jewelry looking new!

HAND STAMPING  We hand stamp each letter with a metal rod so no two pieces spacing and depth are identical. These are not imperfections, but the uniqueness of the art. We stamp each item as exactly as they're typed into our "Special Requests" section, so please make sure your customization is spelled exactly as you'd like.

JEWELRY CARE  Make your jewelry last longer!  Any piece of jewelry can be turned into a keepsake, even if it isn't fine metal.  Here are some tips for keeping them looking like new:


  • showering or swimming
  • working out, or doing activities that sweat a lot
  • cleaning, using harsh chemicals
  • putting on lotions, perfumes, and/or other beauty products


  • Do not scrub your pieces, instead, polish them with a soft cloth
  • If it needs to be washed, briefly use warm water and mild soap, rinse and pat dry
  • Be sure to dry your jewelry prior to storage storage.  Gold, silver, copper and brass can tarnish or be left with water spots.
  • Avoid letting jewelry pieces touch/rub together to avoid scratches
  • Store your pieces in a dry & air tight container, such as a ziplock bag

PLEASE REMEMBER to ALWAYS keep jewelry out of reach of babies and/small children.