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You're probably expecting a long and professional sounding paragraph, but this won't come anywhere near that. I am just an ordinary girl from Brazil, living in the US, with an American dream.

Three years ago, I was so broke that our electricity and water got cut off right before Christmas. My husband had been honorably discharged out of the Marine Corps after 14 years, 5 combat infantry deployments, and could not find work, not even for minimum wage. Within one year, all of our savings were up to the point that we ate from food pantries and my husband and I had to sign up for a Christmas gift donation program, just so that our 2 little boys could have gifts for that year. A family member gave me a $250 Amazon gift card for Christmas (and I secretly wished it was a visa card so I could have paid our bills) and because I was so broke, I didn't want to just treat myself to things I wanted from Amazon, I wanted to buy something that I could use to make money in return. Being naturally a crafter/maker, I googled high and low on what hobby supplies I could purchase that I could make and sell as a hobby, and I ended up choosing handcrafted jewelry.

I made my first 10 necklaces, and within a few weeks they all sold. That inspired me to keep making more, so I used the money from the sales to invest into more jewelry supplies and started building my spare bedroom studio. Within one year, my husband and I no longer worked outside of the home and only worked full time in my home studio while both attending college fulltime. I have 3 more semesters before I get my Bachelors in Criminal Justice, Minor in Homeland Security join the Police Academy, but Jewelry will be always be my inner therapeutic (and money making lol) passion that I refuse to let go!

My collections include versatile styles that don't conform to just one genre, because why settle?! When you buy from us, you are supporting a Combat Veteran and his Military family, and helping us keep this dream afloat! We really hope you like each piece just as much as I enjoy creating them! 

Love, Marie ( M.Ree ♡ )

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