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About Us


You're probably expecting a long and professional sounding paragraph, but this won't come anywhere near that. I am just an ordinary girl from Brazil, living in the US, with an American dream.

M.Ree Jewels is a labor of love that began when my children were small and I was in college. It came from being in severe financial distress after my husband left the USMC and our savings ran out before he could find a permanent job. I googled high and low on what supplies I could purchase with a $250 Christmas gift card that I received so that I could create something that could keep earning me money. I ended up choosing handcrafted jewelry.

I made my first 10 necklaces and posted them on my Etsy shop online. Within a few weeks they all sold. That inspired me to keep making more, and within one year business was booming! Today, we have our own website, thousands of customers, and multiple stores carrying our pieces!

Thank you for supporting this Military family keep our dream afloat! We really hope you like wearing each piece just as much as I enjoy creating them! 

Love, Marie ( M.Ree ♡ )

You can keep up with my Boring Shenanigans on Instagram ツ
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