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Are you looking for something creative and exciting to fundraise? Are you tired of the same old cookie dough and candy bars every year? Than consider fundraising with us! Our program is easy and profitable, and you will earn 30% of the profits with no upfront costs!*

(*When sold at suggested retail prices.)





 How does it work?

1) You email us all of the required information, we will send you our order form and 1-4 page catalog that may be printed double sided so you may print and distribute. You can choose to fundraise from just school logo pieces, logo and sport theme pieces, as well as themed catalogs such as Christmas, Faith Inspired, Sports Theme, etc, the choice is yours.

2) You start taking orders and recording them on your order sheets. No need for deposits or to order hundreds of pieces and get stuck with unsold leftovers. We will make to order only what you already sold!

3) You turn all of the orders sheets and our share of the payments to us. Keep your profits and pay nothing out of pocket!

4) We will process your logo, start production of your items, and ship your orders individually packaged to you. If each participant has their own order sheet, we will package their order in separate labeled packages inside the boxes.


If your fundraiser is local to Jacksonville, NC, we will deliver your box to you free of charge! Otherwise, Shipping is a flat rate cost of $24.99! This is your only fee and you can subtract it from your profit sales and keep the rest.

Your order will arrive within an estimated 2-6 weeks time frame. The time of the year and current order queue will determine the time frame. Processing times are less during non-holiday months as peak holiday seasons can increase volume of orders and processing times. You will be provided with a more definite order processing time when making your fundraiser inquiry and you will have the option to accept/deny the fundraiser’s terms prior to taking any orders from your customers.



Please email us at with the following information, and we will set up everything to get you started!

  • School/Organization/Team Name:
  • School/Organization/Team Colors (if any):
  • Contact Name and Phone Number:
  • You high resolution logo
  • Shipping Address for bulk order:
  • Date you want to start taking orders:
  • Any questions/concerns: